In april 2011 I was hired to consult and design the website for Dopper, an easily maintained and refillable waterbottle made of durable plastics. The goal is to reduce the number of disposable plastic (water) bottles that over the past decades have heavily polluted and impacted our environment. The website required a number of features: news/blog items, a webshop, a page to both find and add free water refill points. Sensi media implemented the design using the Drupal CMS.
Update March 2015: after 4 years Dopper have launched a new responsive website making use of the latest web design techniques.
Homepage design
Homepage design version 2
News article detail page
Webshop overview page design 1
Webshop overview page design 2
Contact page
Webshop orderform
Webshop cart page
Webshop customize your Dopper design 1 
Webshop customize your Dopper design 2
Add a free/public water refill place
Retail shop overview page
Retail shop detail page design 1
Retail shop detail page design 2
Find a free water refill point
Design layout sizes for the web developer
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