Starting in 2011 Lionhead and I co-developed a hygiene application for ACTA (Academisch Centrum voor Taandheelkunde Amsterdam). Ben Loos of MII Bv was responsible for the overal projectmanagement.
Previously dentistry students checked out tools and chairs and tracked the hygiene protocols to clean all of the equipment on paper. This was deemed inefficient: many tools were lost track of or were never recovered; chairs were not properly disinfected and it was near impossible to track who was responsible.
With the new webbased platform everything could be tracked: from the tools that were checked out to the status of the hygiene protocol for each and every dentistry chair. Students now use their student id-card to check out the tools they need; the dentistry chair as well as the chemicals need to disinfect the chairs at every stage of the hygiene protocol.
Large LCD screens on each floor indicate what the status of each chair is: if it is available to be checked out by a student and what fase it is in with regard to the hygiene protocol. In addition a web based audit was developed that runs on a tablet to do on the spot checkups to see if students are following the required procedures.
The implimentation of the project was a resounding succes: no tools are lost, the hygiene protocol is followed to the letter and students performance can be much more easily tracked using the tablet based web app.
The platform is constantly being revised and future plans include the development of an advanced back end to view all of the data that the system currently stores.
Layout plan for ACTA floors 1-3
4th floor layout plan of ACTA
Interface screen for the hygiene audit webapp
Overview of the round cublcle layout of the dentistry chairs.
Every floor has two screens installed which actively display the status of each dentistry chair.
Webbased check in/out system for students to reserve chairs, tools and disinfectants.
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